Learning Suite

The Learning Suite is a learning environment that has been specifically designed to support the needs of young people with Autism.  Routine and structure led with an emphasis on the environment and surroundings supports the students needs.  It is staffed with both Teachers and Teaching Assistants with a wide skill base in many different areas relating to Autism and Special Educational Needs.

The curriculum has an emphasis on functional learning and the application of skills in the wider community. Students have the opportunity to engage in community, cooking and enterprise lessons that embeds learning in functional and life-long situations.

Students are encouraged to take an active part in their learning and their assessment. Each week students reflect on their achievements through Personal Progress sessions. They will use photographs to recall learning events and they will explore their aspirations and personal attributes.

As part of our positive behavior focus all students work towards Milestone Targets and 'Student of the Week' Awards.  They can earn raffle tickets for exceptional work or social skills.  It is the ethos of the department that students become well versed in self-regulation and management of their behaviors.  It is important to understand their feelings and to know that it is okay to feel a certain way.  Using Social Narration and 5-Point Scale students are encouraged to acknowledge where they are from 1-5, how that feels and what they need to do to resolve the situation. It takes a long, long time but the results are amazing when it works.

Our current teaching staff in the department are;

Mr D Mullen (Departmental Lead and Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs R Thompson

Miss L Conteh

Mrs A Marshall

Our current teaching assistants are;

Mrs M Jones (HLTA)

Mr S Edwards

Mrs E Harrison

Mr B Swift

Mrs L Waterworth

Miss S Brannigan

Mrs J McMath

Mrs H Coakley

Mrs C Naylor



Spring Update - May 2017

The Learning Suite has had an eventful half term with lots of visits and projects being undertaken. 

The whole department came to together in April for our Coffee Afternoon.  The students prepared all of the refreshments with some spectacular ‘Bake Off’ worthy cakes.  It was wonderful to see so many relatives attending and enjoying a relaxed afternoon.  We are hoping to hold another event before the summer. 

As part of the Coffee Afternoon and our Enterprise curriculum, the students have been making handcrafted cards.  The students have worked very hard to produce some wonderful designs and these are still available to order.  If you contact your pupils’ class team they can give you more details. 

Some of Learning Suite Foundation have enjoyed some Learning Outside the Classroom.  They have visited Midstream Garden Centre and Café, Richmond Park and The Space Centre.  Other students have engaged in community activities to develop skills in shops and had a lovely reward trip to watch Fast and Furious or Boss Baby and McDonalds. 

All students have worked hard on their IEP targets and have collected lots of examples of how they have achieved their targets.  We are very proud of all they have accomplished and they should be proud of themselves too. 

Work has been underway within our garden area and some of our students on specialised programmes have taken part in tasks to create a wildlife and outdoor sensory area.  We are developing a wildlife pond for frogs and newts and students are creating an art piece for all to enjoy. 

Our Key Stage 4 students have undertaken some of their exam work for AQA Entry Level.  They have worked hard and the work has been submitted for accreditation.  They have undertaken the assessments in exam conditions and have coped very well indeed.  Some of those students are also involved in GCSE Art and Design projects.  The work that is being produced is stunning and will hopefully stand them in good stead to achieve a good grade. 

Our Key Stage 5 students and students within Learning Suite Foundation have been working hard on their ASDAN Transition Challenge.  They have been creating portfolios of work to show evidence for the targets they have achieved.  They have also created a range of fantastic displays including a photographic map of the school. 

Our Key Stage Three students have covered a range of topics including Diaries and Diary Writing for English, Urban and Rural in Geography, Indian Art in Art and Design and have continued to focus on Phonics and Reading.


Have a look at our galleries below to see what our classes have been doing!