British Values Day 2017

Who was involved?
Our whole school was involved in organising and taking part in our British Values Day. 
What did we learn?
We learned about and celebrated the main British Values:
- Tolerance of Others
- Mutual Respect
- Individual Liberty
- Rule of Law
- Democracy
We had the chance to take part in a range of activities which explored these areas. Here are some examples of the activities we were involved in:
- Voting Ballot Box (All students had the chance to vote for something new in school)
- Food tasting for our Foundation sensory learners to explore food from a variety of cultures that make up our society.
- Self portraits in our Progress groups (to explore our own identity and to think about what makes us unique)
- Discussions about Parliament and laws in our Transition groups and how these themes relate to our life in school
Where did it take place?
Our British Values Day was at West Lancashire Community High School.
When was it?
Thursday 8th June 2017
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