19 May 2021


KS4 students that attend the Fisheries are completing a photography course. Today each student took 6 pictures of their choice and then chose their favourite image and edited it how they wanted. They then had to give image a title and write a short story about it. The title for this image is…

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3 March 2021

Cartoon Characters

KS4 Art and Design students have been practising drawing cartoon characters and cartoon features and expressions.

Then they used the iPads to research a cartoon artist of their choice and had a go of doing some of their own drawings in the same style.

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2 March 2021

Coat of Arms

This morning in History we lo at the history behind Coat of Arms and how they are structured. We discussed why it was important that knights wore coat of Arms. We then had a go at designing our own.

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1 March 2021


KS4 students enjoyed using the bikes this afternoon for Sports and Fitness.

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26 February 2021

NASA Perseverance

This morning our students have been looking NASA’s Perserverance Rover. We discussed what happened this week and then we watched the video of the rover landing on Mars. 

Students then designed their own Space buggy that would be suitable to drive on Mars.

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24 February 2021

Healthy Eating

Today in Science KS4 students discussed the importance of eating healthy and looked at the 5 main food groups

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23 February 2021


Today in History we had a look at some famous castles in the UK. Students then designed their own castle.

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9 February 2021

Building Bridges

Over the past few weeks in Enterprise we have been looking at towers and how they are built strong. Today we had a go at building our own towers and bridges and tested how much weight they can hold. 

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2 February 2021

Skyscraper buildings

This afternoon in Enterprise we looked at skyscraper buildings and we looked at how the are built.

They then designed their own skyscraper and had a think about how they could make it and what materials they could use.

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1 February 2021

Football Skills

Today in Sports and Fitness our students practiced shooting the ball into different size goals and then enjoyed a game of football.

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27 January 2021

Endangered Species

Today is Science KS4 students have been looking at endangered species. Today we had a look at the painted wolf and how they are fighting for their survival.

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25 January 2021

Sports and Fitness-Bikes

KS4 students enjoyed using the bikes this afternoon.

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