18 October 2019


Students enjoying there regular MOVE  intervention session. 


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15 October 2019

KS4F Healthy Lifestyles trip to Sandy Lane shops

Students visited the shops to identify the 5 food groups as part of their AQA unit. They were able to recognise carbohydrates, protein, fruit, vegetables, dairy and fats. It was a lovely visit and students were excellent representatives of our school.


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14 October 2019

Slime/Jelly bath making

Today in Science KS4 Progress continued learning about chemical reactions. Students had fun making slime and jelly bath.


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11 October 2019

County Lines Workshop

Today we had a drama group in to deliver a workshop on County lines.  The performance was to make students aware of criminal exploitation known as County Lines and give them the awareness to keep themselves safe in the community.  The performance was fantastic and grabbed pupils attention making…

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9 October 2019

KS4 Art and Design Watercolours

KS4 Art and Design students have been introduced to watercolours. Students have been working with their still life photos to produce watercolour pictures.



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7 October 2019

KS4 Progress Careers

KS4 Progress have been looking at customer awareness in their careers lesson. Today we have dicussed customer rights and the best way to make a complaint. 

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7 October 2019

Chemical Reactions

This term KS4 Progress are looking at Chemical reactions for their ASDAN Short Course Science. Today we burnt magnesium.



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30 September 2019

“King of the ring” with WACT

KS4 look forward to their Monday afternoons with Wigan Athletic Community Trust. Today they enjoyed playing “King of the ring” The aim of the game was to dribble the ball without going outside the ring. The last person left in the ring with their ball will be king/queen of the ring.…

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20 September 2019

KS4 Maths

KS4 have worked really well in Maths this week. They have shown they are able to  recognise different notes and coins and also work out the total of a list of coins. 



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11 September 2019

Art and Design KS4

KS4 have been learning about tone. They have been studying still life of fruit and flowers. The pupils have been using graded pencils to produce some fantastic observational drawings.


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9 September 2019

Gothic Horror

KS4 Progress enjoyed starting the topic ‘Gothic Horror’ in English

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