16 September 2021

Traffic Survey

This afternoon Key Stage 4 W carried out a traffic survey, as part of Transition Challenge,  to find out what type of vehicle passed our school most often. The students enjoyed recording how many vehicles passed our school.

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11 June 2021

KS4 Horticulture

This week in horticulture  key stage 4 students investigated and compared soils at different locations around school.  We used litmus paper to test and compare the acidity of the soils. 

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19 May 2021


Students in Key Stage 4 have used their gardening skills during horticulture lessons

to add colour and aroma to an area of the playground. Thanks to Mrs Jackson for kindly donating the plants.

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7 May 2021

3D Shapes

Key Stage 4 Foundation have enjoyed learning about 3d shapes and their properties. We created our own 3d shapes such as cubes, cuboids and square based pyramids by cutting, folding and sticking the 2d net of the shape.


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