17 May 2021

Using Tinkercad to make 3D models in KS3P Computing

Students in KS3P have been using Tinkercad on the iPads to create 3D designs in Computing. Next week, they will use the skills they have learned to create 3D models of rockets, based on the 2D designs they have created this week.

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27 November 2020

KS4 Art

In art this week we were looking Jackson Pollock. We had to put our hands into a box without seeing and express in drawings how this made us feel. This was an interesting sensory experience for our senses.

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26 November 2020

KS3 Progress Bike Ride - 25.11.20

Students in KS3P spent some time on the bikes again today. They really enjoyed getting out in the fresh air and showed good turn taking and sharing skills.


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18 November 2020

Cycling in the rain

KS3 Progress had fun this morning going on the school bikes. We practiced turn taking and following a simple course. 


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4 November 2020

Exploring solids and liquids with chocolate

KS3 progress a fun science lesson today. They explored solids and liquids by melting chocolate, spreading it on biscuits, and then waiting for it to return to a solid. Of course, they enjoyed eating the biscuits when they finished!


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8 October 2020

Muhammad and the spider

Key stage 3 progress learnt about the Islamic story‘Muhammad and the spider’. They also created spiders using hand paint. Take a look at our pictures to see how. 

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23 September 2020

Exploring the properties of paper and making paper bridges

Key stage 3 progress had fun creating paper bridges in science today. They worked in teams and constructed four very different bridges, all of which were successful and were able to hold the plastic animals. Well done KS3P!

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16 June 2020


Tom has created his own fantastic minibeast.

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10 June 2020

Sun Flower results

Mrs Darcy is really proud of Oliver's sunflowers. They are doing amazing! Well Done

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9 June 2020

Sophie's Sunflowers

One of our KS3 pupils - Sophie, has been busy planting sunflower seeds with her mum and dad. Her dad's sunflower has been the first to sprout so far, but we're sure yours will catch up soon Sophie! Keep us updated.

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18 May 2020

Well done - Fantastic work at home

One of our KS3 pupils has been enjoying learning about WW2, he's also been completing some very challenging maths work. Well done - we're extremely proud of you!


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