10 June 2021

KS3T Lancashire School Games

Today KS3T had an enjoyable day joining in with the Lancashire School Games. It was lovely to see the class working as a team encouraging each other throughout the day. 

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3 December 2020

Exploring fractions using cake and chocolate

Key stage 3 Transition had fun in their maths lesson today. They used cake to explore fractions, cutting it into quarters. They also practiced quartering amounts, sharing chocolates into 4 equal piles. Of course, they enjoyed eating the cake and chocolates after they finished their…

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23 November 2020

KS3T emotions and well being session

KS3 transition have been looking at different emotions and how we show the emotions on our faces, we also discussed how sometimes how we are feeling can look different to how we look on the outside. The students enjoyed some mindfulness colouring in and some gave them to others be kind and to make…

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9 September 2020

Robert's Man and Orb Animation

Robert has worked really hard in school today. In some of his free time, he used an iPad and Stop Motion Studio to create an amazing animation.


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2 April 2020

KS3 pupil practicing life skills

A KS3 pupil has been busy at home, preparing a delicious lunch.

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31 March 2020

A KS3 Transition Student working hard at home!

One of our students in KS3 Transition is working really hard at home! Keep up the good work and keep sending those updates to school, we love to hear from you!

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31 January 2020

Small animals - weighing

Students have been weighing the kittens weekly to track progress as part of their maths targets


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20 December 2019

KS3T Spanish Armada Stop Motion Animations

Students in KS3T have been working on stop motion animations this half term to show what they have learned about the Spanish Armada with Mrs Appleton. They used Stop Motion Studio on the iPads to create their videos and some narration was added to them, either as part of the animation or during a…

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28 November 2019

KS3 Transition - Christmas Markets

Key Stage 3 Transition have been working hard to manufacture products for their stall in hte Christmas Markets. Check out their video below which advertises the products they have made.

The Christmas Markets will be taking place in school on Friday 6th December from 10am to 11.30am.

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1 November 2019

Kitten therapy

Our school photographer Kai has been busy taking photographs today



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21 June 2019

KS3T trip to Clitheroe Castle

What a great educational visit, the students did us proud and were very well behaved as usual. The trip was interactive and the students enjoyed exploring, dressing up in the costumes and joining in with the activities.

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