Learning Suite

The Learning Suite is designed to support the barriers to learning and complex needs of some students with Autism.

The classes are smaller and distraction reduced.

The department follows and embeds TEACCH principles to ensure product and anxiety reduced experiences for all learners.

We have 3 learning spaces

  • Foundation
  • Progress
  • Transition

All rooms are zoned to identify specific functions. 

  • There are social areas for morning routines and whole class elements. 
  • There are personal work spaces for individual learning.
  • There are group work tables for completing tasks related to learning and for snack times.

The department follows an ethos of total communication.  this means we embrace and develop chosen methods of communication of the student but allow wider experiences including verbal, non verbal and assistive methods.

  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • Proloquo2go (App based software to support communication)
  • Tobii Eye Gaze (computer based system based on eye contact)
  • Assistive Technology (Big Macks, talking devices, Talking books etc.)

Students access a full a varied curriculum but this is highly differentiated and flexible to allow time to focus on social and emotional aspects of learning.

Students are encouraged to embrace their Autism and develop strategies to cope with the demands of a non-autistic world. 

Staff focus on building positive and trusted relationships with students to help them thrive and reach their potential.

Students will regularly access community facilities and learning experiences beyond the classroom including

  • One Vision (Learning Suite Transition)
  • Swimming at Nye Bevan (Learning Suite Foundation and Progress)
  • Swimming at Greetby Hill (Learning Suite Foundation and Transition)
  • Horse Riding (Learning Suite Foundation)

We will also be using our curriculum to visit some of our local National Trust sites including

  • Speke Hall
  • Rufford Old Hall
  • Quarry Bank Mill
  • Formby Point

Learning Suite Art Gallery

Learning Suite Foundation Learning Journey 2018/19