2 December 2021

Happy 13th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the biggest Michael Jackson fan we know! Our KS3 student chose a Jack in the Beanstalk book from our book vending machine and was very excited!!

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2 December 2021

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of our KS3 students who turned 14 this week! He chose a sensory book where each page has a different texture. 

We hope you had a fantastic Birthday, and enjoy your book!

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24 November 2021

You're under arrest!

Students in KS3S have been learning about people who help us in the community. Students had a good understanding of what a fire fighter does, but were unsure of what a police officer's job is. Students explored the role of a police officer through a practical lesson where they dressed up and took…

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4 October 2021

Making a fruit salad

In their Careers lessons, KS3S have been learning about healthy lifestyles and healthy eating. Today they followed visual instructions as independently as possible to identify, prepare and, most importantly, eat a fruit salad!

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17 September 2021


KS3 students enjoyed this mornings Motor Activity Training Programme session and worked really hard! We played parachute games, completed circuits, did our strength exercises and finished with some relaxation. Well done all!


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13 July 2021

KS3S Home Learning Challenge

We know that home learning can be challenging for some of students, and that not everyone can engage in online learning. So, we are setting you a practical challenge to complete by Friday! All you need to do is complete the tasks and send Miss Scott a photo. You'll receive a certificate in the…

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24 June 2021

Motor Activity Training Programme Challenge Event

A huge well done to students in LSF who took part in a Challenge Event to showcase the skills they have been practicing over the last ten weeks - jumping with their feet together over and off equipment. We are so proud of you!


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11 June 2021

LSF Community Visit to Coronation Park

Students in LSF enjoyed a visit to Coronation Park yesterday. Students have been working on playing with, and alongside, one another for short periods of time to develop their social interaction skills. We had lots of fun!


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5 May 2021

Building Rockets in LSF

Learning Suite Foundation enjoyed building 3D rockets in Computing out of card and plastic bottles.


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1 March 2021

Learning about capacity in LSF

Learning Suite Foundation enjoyed learning about size and capacity in Maths last week. They ordered containers by size and explored the language of 'full' and 'empty'. Students then had a go at following a recipe for oatmeal play dough, where they had to put the right amount of 'full' cups into…

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24 February 2021

Weather Process Art in LSF

Students in Learning Suite Foundation have been learning about different types of weather. Today they enjoyed doing some process artwork where they made paint "drip" onto a raindrop template to create a rain effect and blew grey paint threw a straw to create "wind". The aim of this lesson was to…

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5 February 2021

Mindfulness Mandala artwork

LSF have enjoyed a range of wellbeing activities this week for Children’s mental health week. Today they did some mindfulness art using coloured rice to create mandalas. 


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