Jungle book story room

LST have created a Jungle book story room, as part of our English lesson they have been reading the story.  Through art they have re-created the characters to decorate the room.

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3D Shapes

Key Stage 4 Foundation have enjoyed learning about 3d shapes and their properties. We created our own 3d shapes such as cubes, cuboids and square based pyramids by cutting, folding and sticking the 2d net of the shape.


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Building Rockets in LSF

Learning Suite Foundation enjoyed building 3D rockets in Computing out of card and plastic bottles.


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Ormskirk Shopping and Park

LST went to Ormskirk shopping and had some time in the park.  It has been great getting out and about in the community.

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Beacon Country Park

As part of our Environment Asdan unit LST went to Beacon Country Park.  We looked at the environment and had a chance to play on the park or just relax.   It was a lovely sunny day and it was great to be out and about.

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Matilda's Journey - Day 3 and 4

Hi Everyone!

We have all been very busy working in school and Matilda has also been very busy travelling to us. She has travelled such a long way and has now arrived in the UK! Part of this journey involved Matilda travelling through the Euro Tunnel! How exciting!

Below is a photo gallery…

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Earth Day

KS4T have been discussing the 2021 Earth day theme ‘Restore Our Earth’.

Students have discussed the impact our actions have on the Earth and how everybody can play their part by making small changes.

Students made a pledge of what they will do to support restoring our…

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Say Hello to Matilda, our Therapy Dog!

Hi Everyone.

Please meet Matilda.

I will be posting photos on the Parent Facebook Page and blogging on our school website.

Feel free to follow her travels as she continues he journey to us.

Today is day three and I am hoping all being well, she will arrive in the UK on Friday.


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KS4F Maths

We have been developing our number understanding by playing games


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KS4P Functional Maths and Science

We enjoyed making crispy cakes using our maths and science skills. It was great watching the chocolate change state from a solid to liquid.


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KS4 Sensory Maths

We enjoyed hunting in the hay to match up egg halves by either number or colours. 


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KS3F Computing - Spring Term 2021 - Algorithms

Students in KS3 Foundation have been learning about Algorithms this term. They now understand that an algorithm is a set of instructions and they have to be in the correct order.

They used our new Blue Bots which connect to the tactile reader seen in the pictures. Students put the correct tiles…

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