24 November 2021

You're under arrest!

Students in KS3S have been learning about people who help us in the community. Students had a good understanding of what a fire fighter does, but were unsure of what a police officer's job is. Students explored the role of a police officer through a practical lesson where they dressed up and took…

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23 November 2021

KS4 Enterprise Christmas Markets

We have loved designing and creating our clay Christmas tree decorations. 



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19 November 2021

Happy Birthday

We are celebrating two birthdays today.  We have Connor in Key Stage 4, who picked a David Walliams book for his gift from school and Dylan from Key Stage 3, who picked a book called The Last Kids on Earth.


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18 November 2021

KS4 French Penpals

Key stage 4 French groups were very excited to receive letters from a school in France.

They have worked hard writing their replies and today a group of students went to the post office to send them to Collège Les Prés.







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17 November 2021

KS4 Enterprise

We enjoyed designing and rolling and making our Christmas decorations out of clay. 



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12 November 2021

KS4C Science practical

We did a practical to extract the salt from water. 


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11 November 2021

KS4C Wigan Warriors

On our trip to Wigan warriors we ran through some physical tests both in the gym and the classroom, the tests were to see how able and how much we could work 1 area of the body. The classroom tests were tests such as flexibility I which we did the ‘sit n reach’ test and reaction times were we did…

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10 November 2021

Happy Birthday Ruby

Happy Birthday Ruby. 

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5 November 2021

Cooking - Chicken curry pie

This afternoon in Enrichment cooking our students enjoyed cooking Chicken curry Pie. 


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5 November 2021

Oh My, What a Pie!

This week in Lunch in Unit, Key Stage 5 students have made chicken pie and broccoli with flapjack for dessert. As well as practical cookery skills, students are developing confidence and independence in the kitchen. The pie was delicious!

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22 October 2021

Functional Maths and Life Skills

In Key Stage 3 we make sure the students get out into the community and practice their maths and life skills.  Here the students are demonstrating that they know how to keep themselves safe when crossing the road.  For many students, this is one of their PLG outcomes.

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21 October 2021

KS3C Liverpool Museum Trip

KS3 had an amazing time at the museum today. We looked at the Egyptian exhibition, the aquarium and space. 

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